The Church of Eternal Life

About Our Church


The “Church of Eternal Life” is a very active Spiritualist church teaching Natural Law, which is God’s immutable law.  We practice personal responsibility, spiritual healing, laying on of hands healing and communication with the “so called” dead through mediumship.  Everyone is welcomed with LOVE to attend.



The “Church of Eternal Life” is not at all “new.”  It was first organized in 1926 as the “Unity Spiritualist Church” in Camden, New Jersey.  At that time, the members met in private homes, which was a common practice of the times.

In 1941, a three-story private home was purchased in Camden and was converted into a church.  For the next 47 years, services, development classes, circles and readings were conducted as well as many “pot luck suppers,” silver teas and fundraisers.

In 1987, the church building was sold and for the next two years, the members began meeting in the Merchantville Community Center.

In 1989, the current church building in Westville, New Jersey was purchased and once again there was a change in name to the “Church of Eternal Life,” which remains today.