The Church of Eternal Life

COVID-19 Response

In accordance with protocols put in place by the Governor of NJ and County Officials, it is with the abundance of caution that the Church of Eternal Life has decided to cancel service until further notice.

Given the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus and the expert prediction of continuing community transmission, we believe that in practicing the safety measures recommended by the CDC ( and the NJDPH ( and that the temporary social distancing (quarantine) is the best approach for protecting the health and well being of all church members.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support of this decision. For additional questions or concerns, we ask that you contact us via email. The Pastor can be contacted via calling the church or email through this site.

We ask that during these trying times, that you try to go about your daily lives as normal and safe as possible, keep those already affected, decision-makers, our communities, and each other in your daily intentions. Like all others, this storm will eventually pass.